New Menu

For sharing between 2 ~ 3

Numbing Chicken

Deep fried boneless chicken pieces coated in special chinese pepper oil.

Jalapeno Chicken

Deep fried boneless chicken pieces coated in house-made jalapeno sauce served with battered jalapeno slices.

Spicy Chicken Cartilage

Stir-fried chicken knee and cartilage pieces with vegetables in spicy sauce.

Stuffed Eggplant

Deep fried eggplant stuffed with prawn and vegetables, topped with spicy sauce.

Beef Brisket Soybean Stew

Traditional Korean Soybean Stew with thinly sliced beef brisket and vegetables.

Marinated Grilled Pork Belly

Pork belly marinated in Korean sweet soy BBQ sauce served with lettuce wraps and thinly sliced pickled radish.

Korean Cold Noodle

Thin noodle served in icy broth topped with sliced pickled radish, kimchi, apple, cucumber and boiled egg.

Spicy Cold Ramen

Korean ramen noodle mixed with vegetables in house-made spicy sauce.

Chilly Chicken

Deep fried chicken pieces coated in special soy sauce cooked with fresh chilli

Volcano Chicken

Deep fried chicken pieces coated in Pocha-made smoky flavoured spicy and sweet sauce

Deep fried veges

Deep fried battered vegetables

Spicy Beef & Radish Soup

Korean traditional soup cooked with beef and radish in spicy beef broth

Salmon Party

Fresh King salmon sashimi served with vinegar chilli sauce and wasabi soy sauce. Sushi rice NOT INCLUDED. ($5 per bowl)

Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi fried rice cooked with sliced bacon and chopped vegetables.

Korean Fried Chicken

For sharing between 2 ~ 3

Almond Chicken

Boneless chicken pieces with crunchy almond coating

Almond Chicken Hot & Spicy

Hot & spicy version of Almond Chicken.

Spicy & sweet Chicken

Boneless chicken pieces served with rice cakes

Pepper Chicken

Deep fried chicken coated in spicy mala sauce with coriander

Garlic Butter Chicken

Boneless chicken pieces coated in honey garlic butter sauce

Pa Dak

Boneless chicken pieces topped with leak & mustard sauce

Sweet Soy Chicken

Chicken wings in sweet soy sauce (Radish pickles & jalapeno included)

Spicy & Sour Chicken

Boneless chicken pieces in spicy tangy sauce (add cheese $3)

Red Curry Chicken

Boneless chicken pieces topped with red curry sauce & grada padano cheese

Ban Ban Chicken

Chicken wings with half original / half spicy. (radish pickles & jalapeno included)

Pocha Chicken

Chicken wings marinated with herbs & spices (radish pickles & jalapeno included)

Speciality Dishes

For sharing between 2 ~ 3

Grilled Pork Belly

Served with roasted garlic, kimchi and lettuce wraps

Boiled Pork Belly

Served with lettuce wraps, kimchi & soybean dip

Bulgogi Glass Noodle

Stir fried beef bulgogi, glass noodles & vegetables.

Beef Tartare

Korean style raw beef tartare

Spicy Pork Belly & Squid

Pan fried with vegetables served with fried eggs & rice

Chicken Gizzard

Pan fried with sliced pork belly, vegetables & roasted garlic

Spicy Chicken

Stir fried with vegetables & rice cakes (Add cheese $3)

Spicy Rice Cake

Stir fried with fishcakes & vegetables in spicy sauce, topped with melted cheese.

Soup & Stew

For sharing between 2 ~ 3

Spicy Soft Tofu Soup

Cooked with seafood, vegetables & eggs

Pork Bone Soup

Spicy soup with potatoes & vegetables

Spicy Korean Army Soup

Cooked with ham, vegetables, beef, sausage mix & noodles (add kimchi $3)

Spicy Fish Roe Soup

Cooked with tiger prawn & mussels

Fishcake Soup

Assorted fishcake skewers in clear crab based soup

Beef Intestine Stew

Cooked in spicy beef broth with vegetables

Pork Kimchi Stew

Cooked with pork neck meat

Five Flavoured Soup

Spicy soup cooked with rice cake, dumplings, eggs, fishcake & noodles

Spicy Seafood Soup

Cooked with assortment of seafood & vegetables

Rice & Noodles

Combination Fried Rice

Korean style beef & chicken fried rice (serves two people)

Spicy seafood Fried Rice

Cooked with ‘pork mince chili oil’ (serves two people)

Bi Bim Bab

Mixed rice with vegetables, beef, egg yolk & chili paste

Fishroe Mixed Rice

Topped with octopus & egg yolk

Bul Go Gi

Marinated beef served in a hot clay pot (Rice & kimchi included)

Light Snacks

Sweet corn butter

Cooked with bacon, mayonnaise & cheese

Fishcake Stripes

Deep-fried fishcakes

Honey Butter Chips

Crispy chips coated with honey butter glaze

Deep Fried Snacks

Assorted deep fried snacks

Kimchi Pancake

Korean style kimchi pancake

Chives Pancake

Korean style chives pancake with chopped squid

Seafood Pancake

Korean style seafood pancake


Lightly salted steamed soybean