Korean Fried Chicken

For sharing between 2 ~ 3

Almond Crunch

Coated with crunchy almond batter

Hot & Spicy Almond Krunch

Hot & Spicy version of the Almond Krunch

Kimchi Almond Krunch

Coated with crunchy almond & kimchi batter

Spicy & Sweet Chicken

Glazed in Pocha-famous sweet & spicy sauce served with rice cakes

Garlic Butter Chicken

Glazed in golden, honey garlic butter sauce

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Glazed in Pocha’s signature sweet & sour sauce

Jalapeno Chicken

Glazed in house-made jalapeno sauce served with battered jalapeno slices

Pa Dak

Topped with leek and mustard sauce

Chilli Chicken

Coated in chilli-infused sweet soy sauce

Volcano Chicken

Coated in house-made smoky flavoured spicy & sweet sauce

Pocha Chicken

Chicken wings & drumsticks marinated with herbs & spices (choose between pickled radish & jalapeno or Coleslaw)

Sweet Soy Chicken

Chicken wings & drumsticks in sweet soy sauce (choose between pickled radish & jalapeno or Coleslaw)

Ban Ban Chicken

Chicken wings & drumsticks with half in Original & half in spicy sauce (choose between pickled radish & jalapeno or Coleslaw)

Speciality Dishes

For sharing between 1 ~ 2

Grilled Pork Belly

Served with roasted garlic, kimchi, lettuce wraps & two dipping sauces (sesame & soybean)

Cheesy Spicy Chicken

Stir-fried with vegetables & rice cakes, topped with melted cheese)

Spicy Rice Cake

Stir-fried with fish cakes & ramen in spicy sauce, topped with melted cheese

Boiled Pork Belly

Served with lettuce wraps, kimchi, sliced garlic & soybean dip

Stuffed Eggplant

Deep fried eggplant stuffed with prawn and vegetables, topped with spicy sauce.

Poached Whole Squid

Thinly sliced whole squid served with house-made chilli sauce

Beef Tartare

In special soy sauce topped with egg yolk & pine nuts

Chicken Soft Bone & Gizzard

Pan-fried chicken soft bone & gizzard with vegetables

Deep Fried Veges

Deep-fried battered vegetables

Numbing Chicken Cartilage

Deep-fried chicken cartilage coated in numbing pepper-infused oil

Grilled Marinated Pork Belly

In sweet soy BBQ sauce served with lettuce wraps, thinly sliced pickled radish & soybean dip

Soup & Stew

For sharing between 2 ~ 3

Spicy Soft Tofu Soup

With assorted seafood, vegetables & eggs

Pork Bone Soup

Spicy soup with potatoes & vegetables

Spicy Korean Army Soup

Cooked with ham, vegetables, beef, sausage mix & noodles (add kimchi $3)

Spicy Fish Roe Soup

Cooked with tiger prawn & mussels

Kimchi Stew

With tofu & choice of Pork or Tuna

Fishcake Soup

With assorted fish cakes skewers in clear crab-based soup

Spicy Rice Cake Soup

With rice cakes, dumplings, eggs, fish cakes & noodles

Beef Intestine Stew

In spicy beef broth with vegetables & sliced rice cakes, topped with perilla powder

Spicy Seafood Soup

With assorted seafood, vegetables & noodles

Spicy Beef Soup

In spicy beef broth with radish & vegetables

Beef Brisket Soybean Stew

With thinly sliced beef brisket, tofu & vegetables

Light Snacks

Sweet Corn Butter

Pan-fried in butter sauce with bacon & melted cheese, topped with mayonnaise drizzle

Fish cake Stripes

Deep-fried crispy fish cakes

Honey Butter Chips

Coated in honey butter glaze

Seafood Pancake

Savoury pancake with spring Savoury pancake with Kimchi onion

Kimchi Pancake

Savoury pancake with Kimchi

Chives & Prawn Pancake

Korean style chives pancake with chopped squid


Lightly salted steamed soybean

Deep Fried Snacks

Assorted savoury deep fried snacks

Cheese Hot Dog

Hot dog with melted cheese & fish sausage

Rice & Noodles

Fishroe Mixed Rice

Topped with octopus & egg yolk

Spicy Seafood Ramen

Spicy noodles with assorted seafood

Sesame Udon Salad

Mixed with vegetables, tofu & sesame dressing


Old fashioned udon noodle soup served with deep-fried prawn

Korean Cold Noodle

In icy broth topped with sliced pickled radish, kimchi & boiled egg


Pan-fried noodles with vegetables & boneless beef ribs (inspired by the movie ‘Parasite’)

Kimchi Noodles

Fresh noodles mixed with kimchi, topped with boiled egg

Bul Go Gi Jap Chae

Stir-fried glass noodles with marinated beef & vegetables

Combination Fried Rice

Beef & chicken fried rice with jalapeno sauce drizzle (serves two people)

Salmon Sashimi Rice

Fresh salmon sashimi with rice and vegetables topped with spicy & tangy sauce

Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi fried rice cooked with bacon & vegetables (serves two people)

POCHA Bibimbab

Mixed rice with vegetables, beef, egg yolk & chilli paste

Bul Go Gi

Marinated beef served in a hot clay pot (Rice & kimchi included)