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Auckland's Favourite Korean Restaurant & Bar

We are a passionate bunch who loves to showcase the beauty of Korean culture by sharing delicious Korean food and drinks.

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Our Signature Dish

Our Signature Dish

Almond Krunch

Coated with crunchy almond batter

Kimchi Almond Krunch

Coated with crunchy almond & kimchi batter

Ban Ban Chicken

Chicken wings & drumsticks with half in Original & half in spicy sauce (choose between pickled radish & jalapeno or Coleslaw)

Grilled Pork Belly

Served with roasted garlic, kimchi, lettuce wraps & two dipping sauces (sesame & soybean)

Spicy Rice Cake

Stir-fried with fish cakes & ramen in spicy sauce, topped with melted cheese

Grilled Marinated Pork Belly

In sweet soy BBQ sauce served with lettuce wraps, thinly sliced pickled radish & soybean dip

Spicy Korean Army Soup

With ham, vegetables, beef, sausage mix & noodles (add Kimchi $3)

Kimchi Stew

With tofu & choice of Pork or Tuna

Combination Fried Rice

Beef & chicken fried rice with jalapeno sauce drizzle (serves two people)

POCHA Bibimbab

Mixed rice with vegetables, beef, egg yolk & chilli paste

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